Sunday, August 28, 2011


Now that I finally have a job, I enjoy the weekend so much more. We make such an effort to take advantage of them! Of course this has meant plenty of time at the beach, but the best part is that now that we both have incomes, we can start checking off the list of things in Barcelona that I've yet to experience! Yesterday's mission accomplished: The Barcelona Aquarium!

Whenever I go to an aquarium, the two things I'm most amped up for are the sea horses and the manta rays. Sea horses are just so damn cute and awkward! Manta rays on the other hand, well, let's just say that they and I have a connection. Whenever I come across one, it always swims right over to me, greeting me with a giant smile. Basically, we're tight. And now that I live on the coast, it makes me feel good to know that if I were ever to find myself stranded out in the sea, my buddies would most likely come to my rescue.

The truth is that Sydney's Aquarium spoiled me a bit, and I don't know if another will ever live up to it. But Barcelona's reminded me a lot of Sydney's! The Sydney Aquarium is nestled into Darling Harbor while Barcelona's resides in Port Vell (Old Harbor). Both feature enormous tunnels below the harbor that allow you to observe the marina life from an unbeatable perspective, as well as a wide array of species to observe!

If you visit Barcelona, and you like Aquariums, I'd definitely recommend checking it out!