Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yo Querer Piso

What David and I are finding lately is that if it's not one thing, it's another. You can only complain about and obsess over the same disturbance for, let's say, four or five months. After that, you start to focus on other frustrations. The distance between us is making us miserable, yes, but we've turned to griping over whatever minor problem might enter the picture instead. The problème du jour? Sealing the deal on this apartment.

I'm not sure if I've before mentioned, but his aunt had previously accepted a down payment on the apartment that we so desperately want, and that she wants to offer us (at a discounted price) as well. So a group of Pakistanis is the only thing standing in our way from having a place of our own. And they are not bowing down gracefully.

"Yo querer piso", which translates directly to "I to want apartment" seemed to be the only thing the contact could utter in Spanish. So what was expected to be a small hurdle is turning into a somewhat larger hurdle. But with his aunt now even less anxious to hand over this small flat to these potential (and numerous) tenants, we're optimistic. Still, we're yearning for that final confirmation. Until then, we can only dream of having our own space in which to do this:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Spaces, New Beginnings

Though I'm not ready for yet another painfully slow week at work, I have to say that this Sunday was idyllic. First I spent the afternoon in COSI with Katie and her adorable two sons.

Next, I had a wonderful conversation with David via Skype about how his day went. He looked at an apartment that could potentially be ours to rent in July! It's through a family collection, and the price is more than reasonable. After going through his photos, he took me to where he'd spent all day: a daydream of turning this awesome potential into our first home.

He also spoke of his family's impressive generosity. There isn't anyone there that doesn't already support our union and accept me warmly. As soon as I start to think this is definitely resembling one of those "too good to be true" situations, I just have to remember the price that we've paid to get here.

I'm about to trade this...

For this...

And I couldn't be happier!

And also, the evening then concluded with Chicken Ranch Pizza (which I shall profoundly miss) and a viewing of Coraline with Meg'n'Ev. Spectacular!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cleaning Out the Closet

Packing to move often entails finding hidden caches of junk yet to be discarded. This morning, after a glorious 13-hour slumber, I discovered the remains of Threads long past. (Threads is the student fashion show at my alma mater, which I twice designed for and once co-produced.) Megan helped me give them an appropriate goodbye, prompting these humiliating photos. Enjoy!

In other news, David is looking at a potential apartment tomorrow! Yes! The odds are finally starting to turn in our favour! This "piso" is for rent by a family member, and is affordable even just on David's income! And fate also has it that it's only about five minutes from the store my current company will be opening in Barcelona later this year. Yeah... more on that later...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm moving to Spain!

For those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time, thanks for stopping by! I'm thrilled to finally be able to go public (read: on Facebook) with this news, but for obvious reasons I wasn't able to until now.

It's all getting very real.

Yesterday was eventful to say the least. Early in the workday, a colleague informed me that our bosses were in the process of restructuring the team. She thought it would be wise and considerate to inform them of my resignation sooner than later, so they could structure the team appropriately.

A bucket of nerves in my belly, I met with my boss and had the conversation I'd been anticipating for a long time. I let her know that I am quitting. My last day will be May 27th, and on June 16th I am Barcelona-bound!

Most of you have probably heard of my engagement, which happened last fall. The story, in short, goes like this:

Boy does an internship in Barcelona. Boy meets gorgeous Spaniard in a disco. Boy begins to date gorgeous Spaniard. Boy moves to Paris, and then back to the States. Boy loses touch with Spaniard. A year later, Spaniard contacts boy. Boy and Spaniard's romance is rekindled. Spaniard makes plans to come to America. Boy and Spaniard reunite in New York. Boy and Spaniard fall madly in love.

Now you're probably expecting something along the lines of "Boy and Spaniard live happily ever after." Well... we're working on that.

The only plan that made any sense; financially, logistically, legally and what have you; was for him to go back to Spain, having recently graduated, and find a job. We've spent the past several months saving money and making plans. With a love like ours, every day apart can feel damn near fatal. But this dark chapter of our lives is about to end. And together we'll be this happy again:

If you care to, you can follow my journey via this blog. It's going to be an interesting transition as I say goodbye to my friends and family, settle into a new culture, attempt to master once and for all a second language, search for a job in a scary new market and of course celebrate on the happiest day of my life. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Who has time for witty titles?

Today was a monday of the most "blah" variety. The amount of time I have left at my work seems small on a calendar, but when each day feels like an endless battle, it can get you down.

So, in order to cheer myself up, I decided to reflect on the triumph of decluttering my life in 100 small to medium steps.

(Click to enlarge)
(That's what she said)

Wow! I've just got to remember that though I've come a long way already, there is still work to be done. I'm not going to get a lot done every single day, and that's OK, but I can use the time that I have left efficiently, instead of just moping about. I am glad I learned of this idea when I did, though! It was a nice, firm kick in the right direction.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mission Completed

Today was far more productive than could have been anticipated.

I went out dancing last night for the first time, pretty much since David was here. It was to celebrate the birthday of my friend Katie (whom I work with). We started the night at a little club called Sugar. That place was just infested with trash, so, not feeling the "pick up" scene, we headed over to Axis, the biggest gay club in Columbus.

We had a great time watching the drag show (while resting our feet), and then worked it on the dance floor until a little before close. This was quite a contrast to the many times David and I were literally ushered off the dance floor, him whining and asking random strangers in his adorable accent, "No, seriously,
where's the party?".

The night wasn't very young anymore by American standards, but hey, neither are we, so we stayed up a bit longer inhaling leftover pizza and watching Demetri Martin. All in all, it was a fabulous night. I really needed to get out and go crazy on the dance floor, it's the best therapy for me.

Having only gotten five hours of sleep, I managed to do pretty well for myself today. Maybe it was the McDonald's breakfast and Starbucks that gave me life; but I managed to rerecord and edit a song, throw away a TONNE of things, do a load of laundry, sort through my portfolio pile, take some donations to Good Will, do my grocery shopping, and a few other things I'm probably forgetting. Now it's time to reveal the last segment of my 100 things project. I didn't do it in 10 consecutive days, but boy do I feel proud! And so much more prepared for my journey!

A bookshelf I got for my college apartment, but which hasn't been used since. It's pretty banged up now, so I pitched it.

I got this for an art class, and haven't used it since.

This was the start of a package I was going to send Alex from the 5 Awesome Midwesterners. That era is over, and this is irrelevant to my current life.

Yet another little gift from the Australian's mum.

The T-shirt I wore yesterday. I noticed a hole forming under the sleeve.

HA! Floppy discs. I haven't actually tossed these just yet, I just need to find a computer that will take these bad boys so I can save any potentially vital data.

Like, over half of my shoes. So proud!

This should probably be two things. It's an old backpack (Christine's I believe) filled with CADs I decided I didn't need for my portfolio.

Don't need these futuristic shoes anymore since I bought some new gym shoes.

Stitch was given to my by my ex boyfriend, Troy, for a play I was in Freshman year of University. He was a great friend in the time we were together, and he helped me through a lot of rough times, but I don't want anymore "ex" things around, and David certainly doesn't either! Plus, soon (but not soon enough) I'll have a much better cuddle buddy.

So now it's time to relax, though there are countless more things I'd like to get done. I'm going to watch a bit of South Park, eat the fish that's presently in the oven, throw back a couple beers, and succumb to the long week ahead of me.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Last night, after watching the first part of the Project Runway finale with Katie, she had me watch "her boyfriend", who happens to have his own show! His name is Demetri Martin, heard of him? He's hi-LAR-ious! The episode's theme was "two". (The first one, as he cleverly made two episodes featuring that theme.) So I decided I'd try out a two-themed post.

The amount of months left until I leave on a jet plane. I honestly don't know when I'll be back again.

The amount of weeks left until I put in my notice at work. I'm trying to feign the minimal amount of dedication for now, but when I'm no longer hiding my immediate departure, I don't think anything will get me to focus. (Anyone got any Adderall?)

The amount of eyes I have. Also the amount of eyes David has. And I suppose the amount of pairs we have combined! [elaboration below]

David asked me to tell him a story (of us) before we said good night this evening. The one that came to mind was a particular evening on which he was playing my guitar and serenading me. For the first time in a long time (and at that level, my whole life) I was inspired—compelled—to write.

I wrote a poem about what it felt like to hold his gaze. I wrote of past romances, in which I'd have moments where it seemed like we were truly connected through each others' eyes, but then inevitably reality would cut the tie, and I'd be left wondering whether he was really feeling what I had been at all. It's not like this with him. He just draws me deeper and deeper, neither one of us with any intention of letting go. We can get lost in our eyes for hours.

And then I realised, as I've often before. We haven't been able to do this since that tragic scene in the airport. Skype, iChat and other conferencing applications are amazing, and help couples like us to maintain some degree of sanity in hard times. But their most unfortunate downfall (except maybe frequent, broken connections) is that the only way to appear to be looking into the other's eyes is to look directly at the camera. When this occurs, you can no longer see the eyes of the person you're looking at. It may seem trivial, but trust me, it can be agonizing. But hey, only two more months! If only time weren't subjective!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Purge Resumes

It's "day 8" y'all!

This is a pattern for a suit that was sold in the first European specialty store for gay grooms. I copied the pattern so many times at my internship, they let me keep one. I know I'll never put it to use, and it's time to part with it.

When I lived in Mexico, a kind Japanese man threw a Halloween party for all of the exchange students. He gave us these awesome customized fanny packs, which we wore with pride and amusement on many of our outings. I think the charm is lost as a single entity.

I love Maleficent! I'm stoked for the new Sleeping Beauty movie! But I'm not really attached to this, and hopefully it'll bring some child some joy!

This was a gift from the Australian's mother when I left Oz the first time. She's a lovely woman, despite her psycho son, so I've held onto her gifts until now. But it's time to shed these things, and look to the memories I'll create in Spain.

The same woman helped me collect some seashells one day on a beach in Northern Sydney.

Only the accessories remain of this Halloween costume I wore my sophomore year of high school. I think it's obvious what persona I embodied that night.

I actually love this thing, as it features the classic, iconic Apple logo. It's pretty useful, too, but I want to fill my shabby new Spanish apartment with a bit more adult decor.

Tap wasn't even my favourite form of dance. And if I ever pick it up again, I'll get better shoes.

This is a lighter I brought back from me from, duh, Barcelona. It doesn't work anymore though,, and soon I'll be able to replace it!

This was a tough decision. It's a poncho I bought in México. Since the Mexican blanket I also bought has already arrived safely in Spain, I think I can let it go. Yeah, I suppose I can let it go. Tear.

One more day of this madness! And thank the gods! Though I have many more things I'm going to need to dump before I leave, I'm running out of things I'm ready to chuck out immediately.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Strip Mall Wastelands.

As I was riding along with Katie, Red Lobster-bound; a very simple, ordinary thing caught my eye. It was an American flag.

I am pretty flexible. I really am one of the most adaptable people I know. But what usually gets me are the small things. That one massive yet half-hearted patriotic symbol was speaking to me, telling me "be seeing you!" And then I looked around at the mini high rises flanking the freeway, and silently echoed, "be seeing you."

I spend so much time fretting over the numerous and infinitely complicated obstacles that stand in the way of David and my eventual "normal" life in Spain that I often fail to recall that in little time, I will be in Spain. In a life, that's just a blink of the eye away, I will be with the man I love, and all will be right. At the same time though, I'll be an American expatriate, making his way in a place he's trying to learn to call home. How would that make you feel? Nervous? Excited? Anxious? Nauseous? Speaking from experience, it all depends on your mood and the time of the day.

Anyway, I caught up with my little project, and have cast off 20 more things that have only been holding me back from a clutterless, carefree life.

This lotion is so old. And it's seldom appropriate for a man to shimmer.

This came with some face wash and lotion. It was a good travel bag, but so long!

A bikini trimmer that broke last summer. I don't know if I thought it would magically start working again, or what. Maybe I hung onto it just because it's pretty... and purple.

Haven't had a recently pierced ear in while, and I don't think I will anytime soon.

I can't even figure out how long it's been since I was blond. And as much as I'd like to be, I doubt I will be anytime soon.

A random assortment of travel toiletries. How 'bout not.

Eyelash glue from Threads '06, I believe. It's probably not any good anymore, and I'm not Miss Coco Peru. (If only!)

David's hair gel, which isn't suitable for my current do. The Hannah Montana glitter gel was an impulse by at a thrift store when we were shopping for the Zombie Walk. I used it for Halloween when I was a ballerín!

These whitening strips are not only ancient, but aren't even the good kind. Basically, they are a pain in the ass, and I was kidding myself keeping them for as long as I did.

David has taught me that cheap razor blades have no use whatsoever. Proud, honey?

David will also be happy to see this get dumped. I love it, though!

This is the shirt I wore today. The thread on one of the sleeves is coming undone and it's not worth it.

Anything with holes that I've sewn up has to go.

I bought this shirt in Australia for a cash-in-hand gig I took waiting tables at a golf club. It shrank, and now the sleeves are way too short.

Nice shirt. Big hole.

Sweet shirt. Too big.

David, I'm sorry to throw this out! But Frankie J hates it. And I don't want to put him through that again.

Eh. I'm diggin' here, I know.

As amazing as these multilingual "i'm loved" buttons are, they haven't proven especially useful over the past 10 years.

My senior class keychain. *Tear*

I'm going to have to put this little project on hold until I get back from my extended weekend. I'm seeing Wicked tomorrow!