Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Purge Resumes

It's "day 8" y'all!

This is a pattern for a suit that was sold in the first European specialty store for gay grooms. I copied the pattern so many times at my internship, they let me keep one. I know I'll never put it to use, and it's time to part with it.

When I lived in Mexico, a kind Japanese man threw a Halloween party for all of the exchange students. He gave us these awesome customized fanny packs, which we wore with pride and amusement on many of our outings. I think the charm is lost as a single entity.

I love Maleficent! I'm stoked for the new Sleeping Beauty movie! But I'm not really attached to this, and hopefully it'll bring some child some joy!

This was a gift from the Australian's mother when I left Oz the first time. She's a lovely woman, despite her psycho son, so I've held onto her gifts until now. But it's time to shed these things, and look to the memories I'll create in Spain.

The same woman helped me collect some seashells one day on a beach in Northern Sydney.

Only the accessories remain of this Halloween costume I wore my sophomore year of high school. I think it's obvious what persona I embodied that night.

I actually love this thing, as it features the classic, iconic Apple logo. It's pretty useful, too, but I want to fill my shabby new Spanish apartment with a bit more adult decor.

Tap wasn't even my favourite form of dance. And if I ever pick it up again, I'll get better shoes.

This is a lighter I brought back from me from, duh, Barcelona. It doesn't work anymore though,, and soon I'll be able to replace it!

This was a tough decision. It's a poncho I bought in México. Since the Mexican blanket I also bought has already arrived safely in Spain, I think I can let it go. Yeah, I suppose I can let it go. Tear.

One more day of this madness! And thank the gods! Though I have many more things I'm going to need to dump before I leave, I'm running out of things I'm ready to chuck out immediately.

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  1. Awwwwwww... that costume holds wonderful memories for me... may it rest in peace :)