Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cleaning Out the Closet

Packing to move often entails finding hidden caches of junk yet to be discarded. This morning, after a glorious 13-hour slumber, I discovered the remains of Threads long past. (Threads is the student fashion show at my alma mater, which I twice designed for and once co-produced.) Megan helped me give them an appropriate goodbye, prompting these humiliating photos. Enjoy!

In other news, David is looking at a potential apartment tomorrow! Yes! The odds are finally starting to turn in our favour! This "piso" is for rent by a family member, and is affordable even just on David's income! And fate also has it that it's only about five minutes from the store my current company will be opening in Barcelona later this year. Yeah... more on that later...

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  1. ugggghhhhh. "no offense". LOL. It was a proper sendoff, at least!