Saturday, April 3, 2010

30 Things!

I decided I wasn't going to let a couple of good excuses set me back in my challenge to throw out fifty things. Making up for lost time, I ran around my room this afternoon collecting three days' worth of unnecessary possessions to purge. It got a little tough for a while, mostly just because many of the things I'll inevitably dump come moving day are things I kind of want/need to use for a while longer. But since I went shopping with Meg and Ev this morning, and was bringing in a few new things, I figured it would do me some good.

Some gift wrap and boxes. The stuff that's in good shape can go to my mom.

I think this sidewalk chalk dates back to high school, but was never used. Most of it is broken, so, garbage!

I hate this oversized, ugly-ass Hollister jacket. But it was free at a sample sale, and I needed something warm. I get a happy feeling knowing it's gone, now, though.

An exercise ball given to me by a freelancer when he moved back to NYC.

My YouTube notebook. Most of my 5awesomeMWs and zerohitwonder videos' outlines are in here. Well... were in here.

A barely used sketchbook with a few pages torn out of it. It was given to me by some friends in Wisconsin to start a book similar to one we all wrote in while I was there. But it never got used.

A notebook/journal thing, barely used.

A sweet sketchbook I found in my apartment in Spain. I enjoyed it, but it was time to tear out the pages I wanted to keep, and move on.


Random paper.

Some severely damaged page protectors that were stuffed in a drawer. Hm.

A binder containing my Fashion Illustration projects from CMU.

A book from a textiles class at CMU.

Another textiles book. Probably full of information, but I can't see myself caring enough to utilize... ever.

Some notes from Illustration class. That's an interesting pose.

Awww, cuuuute. My first CAD project ever. I like to think I've improved since then.

A gift from my father, many moons ago. I <3>

Gabby got this for me on the discount table at Barnes & Noble. We played it once, and it wasn't very fun. Hopefully someone else will get it.

Love this game, but it's not going to make the moving cut. I had a lot of great times with it, farewell!

Balls that were given to us before Freshman year at a leadership conference. They were part of this "anything is possible" seminar in which they successfully taught most participants the "impossible" act of juggling, and then ignored the third of the group that really wasn't going to catch on anytime soon.

Aw, I love this pillow! It was my godsend when I first got my cartilage pierced.

A coax cable adapter. I'll probably donate this with my 13 inch TV.

I think David has an extra pair of gloves if we ever decide to go skiing or something. But I shouldn't be needing these anytime soon. :)

More gloves!

Some Brooks Brothers boxers I got from work. They're fancy and soft, but I don't wear boxers all that much, and I'm not in love with the pattern.

A part of Day 1's pirate costume accessories that I had missed. Anybody want a pirate hat?

I like the fit of these Levi's skinny jeans, but I have the same pair in a darker wash and I like that pair more.

A pair of jeans that were probably my most comfortable ever, but they are just destroyed.

I'm sorry, babe! David gave me these flip-flops. I did like them, but they're so broken now that they hurt my feet!

My mom bought me these boots for so cheap, and that lasted me years. They were very practical and comfortable, but I'm over them, and if I weren't I bet no amount of scrubbing could get all of that salt off!

If you scrolled all the way down thinking you don't give a rat's ass about all my junk and wondering if I had anything of interest at the end of this post, I'm sorry to disappoint!

Tomorrow's 10 things should be trickier!

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  1. I have comments on the following items:
    3. yes that coat was pretty ugg. good riddance!
    4. You gave me that ball for xmas!! wtf now you're getting rid of it?! hahahaha. I was "just storing it" in your room... ( i mean.. secretly i wanted to count it as one of my 100 things..)
    5. Damn I can't believe you gave all those notebooks away without asking me first. I"m an addict!
    9. SERIOUSLY??
    13. Wow.. you did it! I have mine too and I haven't parted with them yet. But you're right.. when am I seriously EVER going to pull it out as a reference point? When??
    30. FINALLY.

    Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!