Monday, April 5, 2010

More things.

I've been busy since I got home from work today. I got rid of my TV (and entertainment center) and my desk thanks to Craigslist. And also made a bit of money for my Spain fund. My room just looked vacant, so I had to start organizing. But while I was organizing, I had to pick out 10 things, so I decided to go through my books. One thing turned to another and now it's almost 11:30, and I have yet to do this:

Several books. I regret getting rid of the Twilight books since they were just gifted to me a year ago, but David already has the set in Spanish, so to haul them over would be ridiculous. I'll probably give them to someone I know.

A simple black tank that has a ripped shoulder seam. I was going to sew it, but meh, it's not even special.

Some picture frames I don't need to take. Don't worry, I took out the photos.

I believe I bought these at my University bookstore with my student credit. They've provided much fun over the years.

I bought this game less than a year ago, but I know David and I won't play it anymore. He taught me a Spanish game played with a regular deck of cards that is similar, but better.

Alas, if I ever get to dance again, I'll simply have to buy some shoes in better condition.

My mom got me this iron when I moved to Columbus and I think I've used it once.

Some warm pajamas I won't need anymore. Notice the fun novelty ones which my mother made a habit of buying me for many years, and yet appalled David while he was here.

Don't remember where I got these. They are chipped, and just don't work for me anymore.

This, though it just seems like a pile of garbage, was the most time consuming and thoughtful selection. A beautiful box I bought in Mexico contained receipts, tickets, notes and other memorabilia from my year there; but it didn't close all the way. Now it closes just fine since I weeded out half of its contents.

I was going to include the furniture in my things today, but I wasn't counting when I started taking photos of the others, and I ended up with 10, so...

I'm wiped, but one more thing. David told his parents today that we are getting married. I know, it's big news to keep from them for so long, but he's come a long way in a very short period of time. He's come out to them, told them about me and our relationship, and only recently admitted that I will be coming to live in their home for a few months, at the least. Now everything is out in the open. Everyone is loving and supportive. I can't imagine asking for more than what we both have right now, except to be reunited. And we're almost there.


  1. I'm so glad that everything is out in the open for you and David! Also, someone needs to say "good job" at keeping up the blog... I know I'm loving it!

  2. The end of this made me smile. Yes.. you ARE almost there. SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm so ready for having Peter here!! It's being worse than hell to live without him. Specially in these moments in which we have to do a lot of decisions, throw away thousands of things that we won't share with the other anymore and do a lot of really uncomfortable migration/wedding paperwork!

  4. Now… I feel bad coz I haven't pictured all the shit I got rid of in the last months… hehehehe Now, I can't prove that I did it as you do! Hehehehe

    Should I re-alive my blog just for doing it? Actually, I think it's kinda of bad idea now that I've already throw away a lot…