Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I'll have you know, I did select 10 more things to get rid of today. I'm just not going to post them. I'm sorry! I was so productive yesterday evening, and today I had other things (read: new microphone arriving, selling my microwave, various god-awful to mediocre glee casting auditions, a much-needed Pogo session with Shelly) going on to distract me, and now it's late and I opt for sleep!

OK, all cop outs, yes. I will catch up, however, and I'd rather take my time, and make the 100 things that I record on this blog be things I want to remember later. I want to put thought into this project, so that years from now when I say "Remember that time when I threw away practically my whole life?" I will have a clear reminder of what exactly that life was.

Oh, and the title. Yeah, today was stressful at work. I was simultaneously emailing back and forth with David (about how long and complicated this whole getting married and therefore being legal to work in Spain thing actually is) and preparing for more meetings than anyone should ever have in one day. And then my boss sat down to go over objectives while she's on a shopping trip in LA. We went over the calendar, and it's looking like the stress and excessive hours are only going to crescendo up until the week before I'm off. Fabulous.

BUT. The microphone works awesome.

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