Sunday, April 4, 2010

Guess what, it's Easter.

8:34 AM: I receive a text from my friend, Christopher, saying "Happy Easter".
Later-ish: I have a conversation with Megan about how she received a text at 8 AM saying Happy Easter, when she was obviously trying to sleep in.
3:22 PM: I receive a text from my friend, Gabby, saying "Happy Easter".
6:00 PM: After looking up the directions to the nearest Goodwill, looking up their hours and finding they're open until 7 on Sundays, and spending over a half hour looking for the location after Google Maps FAILED ME, I discover that it is closed for Easter.

This is why I'm marrying a second brain.

Anyway, on to the goods!

This was actually difficult to part with. The two 22 oz (approx.) glasses that David and I got from the Hard Rock Cafe in our excursion to Detroit. It's unfortunately just not practical to hold on to these. Plus, we can always score some more!

Wow has this strobe light been the star of so many parties. I bought it for a Halloween party I threw back in 2000. It proves useful over and over again, but not frequently enough to let it make the cut.

Don't be alarmed, this isn't a bomb. It's just a set of silverware.

The cutest toaster that I ever did see!

Again, don't be alarmed, it's just the boxes! The DS and games are resting safely in a cozy apartment in Barcelona as we speak.

Some Christmas ornaments I bought for my little trees in my old apartment, which I've already given to my mother.

Some sweet-looking winter novelty glasses I got. They were featured prominently at Thanksgiving of 2008.

A set of pots and pans that were a gift from my mother before I moved to Columbus. Also, not pictured, is a tub full of glasses and plates that were also gifted by mom, all very new and in great condition. I originally intended to save these incase David and I ever moved back to the States, but it just isn't practical. I'm sorry, mom! They served me well while I had them!

A gift from my old boss. I definitely used it; and hopefully, now, someone else will!

An assortment of books I must get rid of as I'm no longer a teenager.

I know that I've been pretty productive this weekend, especially compared to the last several weekends. But as I start to tally what needs to get done, I'm getting a bit overwhelmed. It's a lot to tackle for one, over-worked person. I'm starting to become confident about it! Which is an added bonus, because if I can accomplish all that I must before my moving date, which I will, I'll be in a top-of-the-world state of mind. This is exactly the mindset that will help me accomplish the miraculous tasks of adopting a new culture and finding a job in a Spanish-speaking country sooner than later. I'm so excited now that I'm feeling the momentum! I just can't wait to say (on a certain patio in Barcelona over a glass of wine and some tapas) "I did it!"


  1. It's funny that we're all THAT not-religious that we didn't even THINK about the fact that anything might be closed that day. It didn't even cross my mind. Usually it would because I always tell you to check to see if things are open!! Sorry I failed you this time.

  2. Wow!! I can't believe how productive you're being! Seriously, I thought I was throwing away a lot of things in my room lately, but it's nothing compared with what you're doing! I'm really sorry you have to throw away all that things we shared once upon a time… in a fabulous apartment in german Village… While a serious cat was staring at me…

    I love the image of us, taking that wine! I just can't wait and I promise you it will be better than you can imagine now!