Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yo Querer Piso

What David and I are finding lately is that if it's not one thing, it's another. You can only complain about and obsess over the same disturbance for, let's say, four or five months. After that, you start to focus on other frustrations. The distance between us is making us miserable, yes, but we've turned to griping over whatever minor problem might enter the picture instead. The problème du jour? Sealing the deal on this apartment.

I'm not sure if I've before mentioned, but his aunt had previously accepted a down payment on the apartment that we so desperately want, and that she wants to offer us (at a discounted price) as well. So a group of Pakistanis is the only thing standing in our way from having a place of our own. And they are not bowing down gracefully.

"Yo querer piso", which translates directly to "I to want apartment" seemed to be the only thing the contact could utter in Spanish. So what was expected to be a small hurdle is turning into a somewhat larger hurdle. But with his aunt now even less anxious to hand over this small flat to these potential (and numerous) tenants, we're optimistic. Still, we're yearning for that final confirmation. Until then, we can only dream of having our own space in which to do this:

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