Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mission Completed

Today was far more productive than could have been anticipated.

I went out dancing last night for the first time, pretty much since David was here. It was to celebrate the birthday of my friend Katie (whom I work with). We started the night at a little club called Sugar. That place was just infested with trash, so, not feeling the "pick up" scene, we headed over to Axis, the biggest gay club in Columbus.

We had a great time watching the drag show (while resting our feet), and then worked it on the dance floor until a little before close. This was quite a contrast to the many times David and I were literally ushered off the dance floor, him whining and asking random strangers in his adorable accent, "No, seriously,
where's the party?".

The night wasn't very young anymore by American standards, but hey, neither are we, so we stayed up a bit longer inhaling leftover pizza and watching Demetri Martin. All in all, it was a fabulous night. I really needed to get out and go crazy on the dance floor, it's the best therapy for me.

Having only gotten five hours of sleep, I managed to do pretty well for myself today. Maybe it was the McDonald's breakfast and Starbucks that gave me life; but I managed to rerecord and edit a song, throw away a TONNE of things, do a load of laundry, sort through my portfolio pile, take some donations to Good Will, do my grocery shopping, and a few other things I'm probably forgetting. Now it's time to reveal the last segment of my 100 things project. I didn't do it in 10 consecutive days, but boy do I feel proud! And so much more prepared for my journey!

A bookshelf I got for my college apartment, but which hasn't been used since. It's pretty banged up now, so I pitched it.

I got this for an art class, and haven't used it since.

This was the start of a package I was going to send Alex from the 5 Awesome Midwesterners. That era is over, and this is irrelevant to my current life.

Yet another little gift from the Australian's mum.

The T-shirt I wore yesterday. I noticed a hole forming under the sleeve.

HA! Floppy discs. I haven't actually tossed these just yet, I just need to find a computer that will take these bad boys so I can save any potentially vital data.

Like, over half of my shoes. So proud!

This should probably be two things. It's an old backpack (Christine's I believe) filled with CADs I decided I didn't need for my portfolio.

Don't need these futuristic shoes anymore since I bought some new gym shoes.

Stitch was given to my by my ex boyfriend, Troy, for a play I was in Freshman year of University. He was a great friend in the time we were together, and he helped me through a lot of rough times, but I don't want anymore "ex" things around, and David certainly doesn't either! Plus, soon (but not soon enough) I'll have a much better cuddle buddy.

So now it's time to relax, though there are countless more things I'd like to get done. I'm going to watch a bit of South Park, eat the fish that's presently in the oven, throw back a couple beers, and succumb to the long week ahead of me.

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  1. Tienes toda la razón! Si que ha sido un día realmente productivo, nene!! Estoy muy orgulloso de ti por todo lo que estás haciendo… eres perfecto!