Monday, October 18, 2010

Bombings, Whirlwinds and Cheerleaders

Let me begin with a dream I had last night.

I was back at my alma mater: Central Michigan University. I was in a computer lab in one of the quads, working fervently on a generic essay when BOOM! There was a huge explosion. The Towers residence halls had been blown up. Strangely, nobody around me was in a state of shock. The second round of bombings brought down the library and a few other buildings, yet everyone remained calm. "Nobody would blow up this quad," everyone kept reassuring me. I went along with it.

Look at THOSE mad Photoshop skills!

Then the third round struck; I wasn't feeling so assured. I made my way to a courtyard in between residence halls. Someone I was with pointed down to a dorm on the first floor and said, "That's Heather Morris' dorm, did you know she went here?"

"Yeah," I replied, and suddenly I realized why we were safe in that quad; who would blow up the amazing Brittany from Glee?

I've been having many oddly dramatic dreams lately. A lot of them involve tornados, which according to various online (and therefore not the most reliable) dream dictionaries, signal abrupt, life-altering changes. Well, yeah...

The absurd thing about these dreams is that I consistently remain calm through the most terrifying experiences. I attempt to interpret most of them, and often think my findings somewhat accurate.

Have you had any rememberable dreams lately? Do you ever try to find meaning in them? Do you even believe in meaning behind dreams?


  1. Dude, I always have the weirdest dreams. Here lately, mostly about work though. Are you trying not to smoke? When you quit smoking (& ESPECIALLY IF YOU USE THE PATCH! OH GOODNESS) it can cause weird ass dreams

  2. Hahahaha your photoshopping is awesome. Super awesome. I love it!! dreams are so "visual" that it is better shown as a photo than words!

    I dreamt I was cleaning wind turbine blades last night. Washing them like dishes...and there was a big pile of them next to me that I had to get through.

    Dreams aren't about "meanings" although theres no harm in deciding to give them meanings if you so choose! Your brain is processing all the ridiculous amount of information it has taken in, and trying to store it and process it and decide if the information is important for the future. It is many millions of brain neurons firing - parts of the brain that, while awake, aren't even active at the same time! I just watched a pretty decent science documentary on dreams just the other night! I would, right? Nerd.

    What I find weird is that I can recall certain dreams that I had a VERY long time ago. As if they're true life memories. Why is it that we can do that??

  3. Katy– No, I am not trying to quit smoking at the moment, but I remember very graphically the kind of messed up dreams the patch gave me last time I did! Also, when I had surgery and was taking some kind of strong pain killer I can't remember the name of, I had seriously vivid and bizarre dreams as well.

    Megan– I find the science of dreams so interesting, too. (Doesn't excuse you from being a total nerd though. Way nerdier than me.) But I see so much logic behind a lot of dream interpretations (a lot of the times I interpret them successfully myself before trying to look them up) that I have to believe why THOSE are the ones we remember when we wake up. Because they struck a chord in us or something, I don't know... but something in our mind is trying to tell us that maybe that little tidbit is important? I'm sure a bunch of scientist men would shoot that down in a heartbeat, but it's what I like to believe :)