Monday, November 8, 2010

4 Stories: Hairdo's

1. Oops!...I Did it Again

When I was—I dunno—about seven maybe; my brother and sister got bored. When my brother and sister got bored, and the three of us were home alone, that generally lead to my getting messed with. This particular day was no exception.

"Do you wanna look cool like Noah?" my sister asked with a devilish grin.

After a bit of convincing from both of them, I was in. They sat me on the toilet and took a number two guard to my head. They didn't even have the decency to trim my thick bowl cut first! I grimaced through the pain, keeping my eye on the prize.

When it was said and done, I did, in fact, look just like my cool big brother. I was totally satisfied with my new look. Until my mother got home. Let's just say my big bro and sis were in trouble. My mom looked at me, doing her best to hide how mortified she was by what they had done to her favorite child. She failed and began to cry. I, being a momma's boy, followed suit. I was no longer happy with my new look.

Many, many years later, I would finally repeat this mistake, only by choice. I was having one of those "off" periods in life, and thought, hey–if Britney can do it, so can I! Also, I'd had every other hairstyle, so I kind of ran out of options.

2. The Male Updo

Throughout the second half of my college years, one of my best friends, Chelsea, did my hair. She went to cosmetology school prior to entering the fashion program at CMU, and worked part-time at the town's most upscale salon. I was so lucky to have a friend who was constantly looking out for the best interests of my hair. One of my favorite styles she gave me looked like this. Only normally it wasn't quite so windblown and messy.

For my first fashion show at CMU, I decided to model one of my looks. Chelsea modeled the other. I wanted the styling to be daring and bold, so I had her take creative control of hair and makeup. I ultimately ended up with this masterpiece. It was so fun to rock such a unique do for a night! I would definitely try it on again!

3. Fun With Faux Hawks

The following is the silhouette I think works best with my face. I've had variations of it all through my life, but Chelsea's expertise took it to another level. I love how she added a little fun to it with a chunk of platinum. Unexpected use of color is one of my favorite things! I think I'm going to have to go down this route again sometime soon!

4. (EMO)ting

A couple years later, I decided to try something new. I grew my hair out and dyed it black. Perhaps I was rebelling against the preppy atmosphere I had to work in every day. Sure it was emo, but it was ironically emo, so it's okay.

That wasn't enough though, I needed to take it a step further. So the next time I got a cut, I opted for my first ever asymmetrical do. Sometimes it feels good to stand out a little. I was thrilled with how it turned out—and with the feedback I got!

I play with hairstyles a lot for a guy, I guess it's because I'm constantly craving change. When it's time for a new chapter in life, I feel like going all out and changing my look to reflect it.

I didn't even mention my high school hair adventures! Like the time I had Aqua hair, and then tried to die it black, but it turned purple! As it grew out, my whole head got sort of splotchy with dull greys and greens. Everyone said it looked like mold! Did I just share a fifth story? Whoops, I did!

Anyway, if you want to check out other fabulous bloggers recounting their tales of past do's (and don'ts), head on over to The Freckled Nest. And don't forget to share your stories, be it in your own blog or in the comments!


  1. You were blessed with the ability to wear almost any hairstyle :) Still really sad that you DIDN'T go as Edward Cullen for Halloween, you could have rocked that!

  2. 3 and 4 have been my favorite looks on you. Also the pic in #2 is a really cute one of you and Tess :)

    Hope things are going well! We can't wait to come see you!

  3. Shelly- not a tween, so no!

    Shannon! I love that pic, too! It was taken on my way to Sydney when I was on layover in LA. I can't wait til you come here either! Things are great here, hope you're doing well. I'd like to call you, so message me your number on facebook!

  4. The faux-hawk...that picture looks awfully familiar. Is that in Paris?

  5. It's actually in Barcelona, about a month before Paris.

  6. I loved your emo hair mostly because of our life situation and the beautiful contrast. I feel like that hairstyle actually had meaning behind it. I kind of wanted to rock that same look but I don't think my hair would cooperate. My favorite hairstyle on you in general though is probably #3 or the last pic but a little shorter. :D

  7. p.s. Thank you for rejecting Shelley on the Edward Cullen idea. I would vomit if you did it. Sorry Shelley! hahaha.

  8. Thanks for the support, Meg! Haha! Yep, I will always go back to number three! But I'd love to go with something like the last one again, or maybe something else completely different and equally obscure. Here's to hoping whatever career I start to forge in the near future allows me to style it however I please!