Monday, February 1, 2010

Project Speculation

Megan, one of her coworkers and I are partaking in a little wager this season of Project Runway. The plan was to watch the first three episodes, and then based on the miniscule knowledge acquired by then, decide independently who would be the final three designers competing in Bryant Park. I've spent the past hour or so scouring the Project Runway site, agonizing over who to pick.

Really, it's impossible to tell. I mean in season 5, at this point, nobody could even really distinguish awkward Leanne (the season winner) from mousy Jennifer (auffed in the very next episode). But with so much at stake here (the losers have to buy the winner a whole dollar worth of candy in the cafeteria at work), I've just had such a hard time locking in on a single contestant. So, I've decided to approach this decision methodically. I've set three guidelines, and will now, as I write this, attempt to choose a contestant that fits each.

  • Choose a boy. The past two seasons have concluded with three women showing their collections in the finale. I just can't believe that this will happen again. So with that being said, I give you my first selection:Jonathan. So far he's only landed one "top three" (in this most recent episode), but upon looking at his portfolio, I think the boy's got a vision. I also think he's clever enough to play the game, and has enough charisma to win over the judges. Come on, Jonny Boy! Prove me right!
    Closest Contender:Jesús. He's just so damn cute! Awww! Give me big, brown eyes and a heavy accent, and I'm done for! Case in point:
  • Choose a girl. I don't really have a lot of faith in the male contestants this season in general, so now that I have that gender represented, it's time for me to pick the female designer I think will most likely make the cut. But for this selection, I think I'll first reveal the closest contender:Mila. She's done very well so far, perhaps better than any of the others. I just feel it's a matter of time before the judges tire of the 60's mod look that she'll inevitably parade down the runway, challenge after challenge. I think she's a strong designer, and will continue to show many pieces I love, but I'm not convinced she'll be able to continue to surprise the judges. For my real choice, that leaves:The other one with bangs Maya. Again, this came down to portfolio. Both Maya and Jonathan's past work shows a unique viewpoint... and the ability to style their models to complement their looks in these artistic photos only helps their case. It could be argued that Maya has too narrow an aesthetic as well, but I think it's her inclination to contrast the hard and edgy with the soft and sensible that really allows her work to stand out and shine. I predict Maya's path will be bumpy; with many mediocre, safe pieces in the mix. But in the end, the judges will be as curious as I to see what she could do with an entire collection.
  • Choose a wild card. I think it's necessary that I acknowledge the fact that this whole exercise is absurd and pointless. There's really know way of knowing how the season will play out. And all three of us are likely to bite our tongues come next episode. So, to address that, I'm going to pick a contestant who I don't necessarily think will make it (in case someone decides to pull a Leanne).
  • Seth Aaron. I think people have the tendency to immediately discount his talent due to the fact that he looks absolutely ridiculous. But his first dress was kind of cute, and he seems to have drive. I have a feeling Seth Aaron could be the underdog of the season.

Thanks to the only two people who actually cared enough to read this, Megan and Katie! Hope you enjoyed my predictions!

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