Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm marrying Aladdin.

Yesterday, I was home sick from work. David was home from work already, and trying adorably to take care of me in spite of the ocean separating us. We ended up watching one of my FAVOURITE Disney Animated Classics: Aladdin. He made one small reference to his resembling Aladdin more than I (relevant to the conversation we were having about both of us wanting to BE Aladdin when we were younger;) and hit me.

Could it be? Could I have never actually wanted to BE Aladdin? All those years, did I in fact want to BE WITH Aladdin? And now in my mid-twenties, am I perhaps pursuing a childhood fantasy by marrying a charming foreigner with an uncanny resemblance to Prince Ali Ababwa?

Naaahhh. It is a nice coincidence, though!


  1. omg the raised eyebrow just MAKES this. perfection! I do wish he had something on his shoulder though... Frankie? ;)

  2. Yes Megan! Frankie! But he MUST be wearing his tutu!