Friday, July 30, 2010

Tarragona: A Historic Haven

The second stop on David's and my authentic tour of Catalonia (as opposed to our "mini" tour) took us to Tarragona.

Like much of Spain, Tarragona meant nothing to me prior to this visit, My lacking recollection of the entire course I took in university dubbed "The History and Culture of Spain" left me unaware of the impressive amount of both historical and modern appeal this ancient city has to offer. David and I took our time exploring its wonder. Wondering through the old city center, you can't help but stumble upon what seem like beautiful secrets.

Everywhere you turn, the city's ravishing Roman roots present themselves.

There comes a time when two entranced explorers must rest. We headed to la rambla (the main boulevard) for a perfect meal of tapas and Sangría.

It was from here that I posted the series of Facebook updates some of you might recall about being in "paradise". It was one of those rare moments in life where everything kept getting better and better.

Bellies full and with a slight buzz from the Sangría, we set forth towards the distant parking garage. I silently said my goodbyes to the brief yet impactful memories I'd formed in this second segment of my first Spanish vacation, our first together. We passed by many of the sights we'd visited, all seemingly different from the moving car perspective. The sun warmed my smiling face as I happily looked forward to the next and perhaps most significant chapter of our holiday, a week with David's family.


  1. Pretty! I'm glad you found paradise in your new home :)

  2. It's so nice to see you two together and so happy :-)
    -anonymous katie