Monday, August 9, 2010

Charles Theodore Roosevelt Gard Ambrona III

What is this strange creature?
This is a Charles Theodore Roosevelt Gard Ambrona III!

I just spent about 5 minutes closing out all of the new "stickies" Charlie had created whilst exploring the functions of my macbook's keyboard. And... there he goes again...

David and I acquired Charlie the last time we were in Cubelles (I would happily link to that important and eventful excursion, however, three weeks later I still haven't gotten around to blogging about it). David, his mother and I had just seen Eclipse in a little cinema in Vilanova. As we approached the apartment, David noticed a tiny kitten in the courtyard, following what would could be assumed to be his mother (however dissimilar in appearance... this cat was fuuuugly).

In a passing comment, David suggested we take it in. His mother suggested luring it with tuna, or some other cliched feline vice. An hour later, our hands smelling of tuna and our patience expired from searching in the clump of shrubs, grass and trees seen in the foreground below, we had a new little creature in our hands. A dirty one at that.

Though only about three weeks old, our new friend (who would remain nameless for almost another week) had acquired quite the hunger with the living on the streets and all. So we fed him.

First thing the next morning, we took him to the vet. He checked out just fine, and we stocked up on all kinds of goodies. There was no backing out now! Then it was time to take care of that dingy, odorous coat. Our little boy behaved like a champ!

And the next day, he was already making himself at home in the apartment which we were still adjusting to calling ours. I must add that I think his presence has actually strengthened that sense of belonging. Three's family!

After a couple of days, I regret to admit that his lure began to fade a little. All of the biting and scratching kind of canceled out his entertaining little quirks. He hated being held, and wanted nothing to do with us except for when he was in destroy play mode. All of the things that made my other cat, Franklin Josephine Roosevelt Gard Ambrona III, so special to me were completely absent in this new substitute. And I was the one who had to spend all day with him alone!

Slowly, I began to realize that it's not his fault. Kittens are, by nature, hellions! They grow through various rambunctious and destructive phases, not of all which are particularly adorable. I started finding things in him that I did admire... things we sort of have in common. For instance, he's always casting aside the traditional notions of what's acceptable by society's standards and discovering for himself what works for him.

Why not lay behind the ugly couch cushion? Who says I have to lay on it! This is like the cat world equivalent of the time in high school when my friend Christine and I decided it would be perfectly reasonable to "go out for coffee" in Canada.

The other day I was taking a bath and trying desperately to recall what Frankie J was like as a kitten. I remember certain things, but not much. Then it hit me, one of his most defining traits he possessed when he was about Charles' age! He loved to lick and chew on my hair! Anytime I was sitting on the sofa, he'd be laying behind me, gnawing away. I'd often wake up with my hair and pillow drenched in cat saliva. The same day I came across this realization, Charles picked up the habit! It was a sign!

And you've got to appreciate his initiative. While I was choosing photos for this very post, I found myself confronted with an obstacle of sorts. Charles wanted attention.

Hopefully, when the time comes for Charlie's big brother to make the trip across the pond, the two can find peace in sharing a home and two daddies!


  1. Sounds like a perfectly normal kitten to me! Just don't let his head get too big!

  2. Aww... he's a peach, Peter. I kind of want to get a cat, but keep... not doing it. I think that's a sign that I'm not ready for that kind of commitment. but I'm happy for your new family!

  3. Just think that he probably also missed his mama - you kind of kidnapped him, you know!