Sunday, January 10, 2010

And Therefore Forgiven.

So I was headed home from the office the other day. I'm waiting at a stop sign for a break in traffic. The roads are finally clear now, so I veer forward at the first decent albeit tight opportunity. Then, the mofo, who's just passed the intersection, halts. He U-Turns slowly, forcing me, already halfway through the intersection with traffic oncoming, to wait for his slow ass to maneuver his euro-chic hatchback into the road onto which I'm continuing.

Adequate obscenities expressed, I continue to follow the suspect driver, who thankfully, decides to take a left. Just when I'm about to pass him or her, the obviously drunk incompetent moron changes his or her mind and cuts me off.

I continue to follow, not allowing an appropriate distance between our cars, as he or she is apparently one of those bipolar motorists who in five seconds flat will switch from driving 20 mph over the speed limit to the pace of a bicyclist. And then I notice the following sticker on his or her car:

And all is justifiably forgiven. :)


  1. Not all Mac users are created equal! You should re-think that. You don't have to apply for an awesome license to own a mac - you just have to have money! But otherwise... I'm glad you survived the incident!

  2. As I was trying to say yesterday... I was really hoping to see a Buffy sticker or a sticker that reads "I drive like a Cullen", but a Mac sticker? I am deeply disappointed!