Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So, I've been somewhat agonizing over how to start this-here-new blog of mine. Long introductions aren't really my style, and in thinking about what to write, I began to think about why I am writing. So without further ado: The top 5 reasons why I've decided to start this blog!

  1. In the coming months, I will be preparing for and embarking on a permanent move overseas, (re)acclimating to my new country of residence, and marrying this beautiful man. Now, I'm under the impression that such significant life changes require documentation. I was once disciplined enough to keep a steady journal. Later in life, I took to frequent vlogging on YouTube, but I got over it. (Perhaps the compulsion to make myself "presentable" prior to recording was a contributing factor.) A new decade calls for a new medium for self-expression. No pretenses. No rules. When I have something on my mind, time permitting, I'll share.
  2. My life sometimes yields adventurous and/or amusing stories that I enjoy relaying to others. (See here.)
  3. I intend to pursue writing someday, like, for real and stuff. (See how good I am at it?) So I suppose I should start practicing in some form or another.
  4. Seeing my friend and roommate, Megan, launch her own blog and really start honing her mad blogging skills has made me sort of want my own new fancy toy to play with. Plus, after discovering this lady, resistance was futile. She's all shades of awesome.
  5. It just feels more productive than rewatching countless episodes of Buffy.
So, please enjoy yourselves, visit frequently and don't forget to comment!

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  1. Yay, you've begun! Now it's just a matter of inspiring yourself to continue! You can doooo it.