Monday, January 25, 2010


Tonight I decided to prepare the Paella kit I purchased at World Market a couple weeks ago. I was hesitant, even though I really enjoyed this dish a few times when I previously lived in Barcelona. However, most rice-based meals just aren't the same when made from the box.

David had a meeting today to discuss the job he's (finally) acquired at BBVA. His new employers explained that he'll be going through two weeks of (paid) training before he begins work, and then continue to study for approximately two years, while working, in order to receive his €FPA. What is this? I was unclear myself.

€FPA is the largest and most respected professional licensing, standard setting and certification body for financial planners and financial advisors in Europe and was the first European financial standards association created for the express purpose of increasing professionalism in the European financial services sector.

This education will be covered by the bank, and will be very helpful in the future if he wants to seek related employment in and out of Spain. Way to go, honey!

With the future looking more certain, my fiancĂ© decided to have the conversation with his parents about our plans for the impossibly distant near future. Those plans basically being that I will be living with David, in his parents' home, for 3–6 months while we get our shit together find me a job and save money until we can afford our own place.

Now, there have been implications made. And comments have even been made on their part about how I'm welcome there, since I was so accommodating to their son for the three months he was in America. But until today, they hadn't directly heard the words from him. The outcome was great! My main man did a great job explaining the situation and our rationale, and they agree that it's the best plan. Now hopefully soon, he'll leap the huge hurdle that is revealing our engagement to them. I mean, they are the last people in either of our social circles to know. I can imagine how difficult it would be to explain to one's parents that their soon to be long-term house guest whom they've never met will become their new son-in-law just a couple short weeks after introductions. But hey, baby steps! We'll get there! And I am so amazed and proud of the courage and devotion he's displayed by coming out to his family and preparing for my arrival in every way thinkable in just these past three months. I love you, nene!

So, after hearing about his eventful day, I got a bit nostalgic for my future home, and decided to make the paella. It wasn't as good as on Las Ramblas, but it did the job. If a few small tastes of my anticipated new homecoming are all these long months can provide, hey! I'll take it!

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