Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Titular Explanation

Te he!

I realised today that I failed to explain the title of this blog. I must admit I'm a fan of names that are thought-provoking and somewhat obscure. The line that prompted my title hails from a fantastic romantic comedy (and one of Brittany Murphy's best works), Love and Other Disasters.

There's a scene in this delightful chick flick in which Jacks (Brittany Murphy) is trying to boost her best friend's (Matthew Rhys—who's character is coincidentally named Peter) ego. The dialogue goes—oh screw it, enjoy this clip!

So, I harnessed all the power of my wit and changed "giant" to its Spanish counterpart, which has given us... *drumroll* Gigante in Waiting!

My faithful readers, (read: David, Megan, Shelly and Katie, as you are the only ones as of yet to be reading this blog) may have noticed my snazzy banner. It features the spires of an enormous, ongoing construction project in Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia. It didn't occur to me as I was creating it that it was, in fact, a good symbol for the message behind my title. This magnificent work, designed by Antoni Gaudí, was started in 1882, but won't be completed until the late 2020s. So I suppose you could say that it, too, is a "giant in waiting".

Here's a photo I took of what would definitely fall into my personal seven wonders of the world.

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