Wednesday, May 5, 2010


fols \ˈfōls\
1 : not genuine, intentionally untrue; as coined by two silly Spaniards.
2: what I've been lately in regard to posting daily.

I know I've failed miserably. I really need to work on that. I was going to apologize and then immediately follow with some kind of excuse like "Every day is the same, I go to work, die a little bit from boredom, come home, blah blah blah..." Basically, most days I really don't have much to say. And even when I have, like in the case of Megan and Evan's going buh-bye party, I either lack the requisite photographic goodies, or can't seem to elaborate beyond "This happened." I find myself continuously having to reinvent my intentions with this blog. Who care's if I post a random paragraph about nothing? Nobody's critiquing, right? So from now on I'm going to be more adamant about dumping my day-to-day life on you, from the most amusing anecdotes to my most pointless musings. It's no time hold back!

Part of realising my goal of posting more frequently is going to involve blogging from work, which I just so happen to be doing right now. My theory is that if I let my non-work activities accumulate just gradually enough, by the time people notice I'm not doing anything productive it will be too close to the end for anyone to care. Here's a piece of advice: never put in your notice of resignation five weeks in advance.

Unfortunately, this wholehearted pledge comes just a few days before I go on my last great American road trip (for a long while). I'll be heading up to Wisconsin to visit one of my best friends from college, and then heading down to Chicago for a farewell weekend of fun with my cousin, Shelly.

I will resume with the blog as soon as I get back, hopefully with many photos and stories to share. I will be posting from work yet again, as I'm going to be (DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNN) without internet. Yes, Megan and Evan will be taking their modem with them, and along with it my only link to the outside world. Visits to friends' houses will be abundant, I imagine, as well as marathons of the movies that I haven't yet shipped to Spain. Still, I don't really think I have a grasp on what I'm in for. We all know how devastating the lack of internet can be:


  1. Did y'all get the apartment? (if so, I'll do a semi-naked dance party in celebration for you)

  2. I thought it was "FALSE"?? Or are you writing it in Spanish? I confuzzled. Blog tip alert!! Don't post about not posting! Don't blog about not blogging! Don't apologize for being absent! Just post when you can about what you can. Otherwise, every other post will be "sorry it's been a while." And sometimes no one notices that it HAS been a while and then it just draws attention to it. I've read this advice a few times and I thought it was good. In other news... I can't believe you're really not gonna have internet once we leave! OMG. Dude. That is gonna be grossss. Can't you rent the modem for the last month? I mean, I guess it's not even a while month. But still. Bleh. Hello, Starbucks. Thank god for free wireless. You're gonna have to follow our Iowa adventures wile at work too since I'll be posting pics of our new place and stuff!

  3. Katy: We did! I'm sorry I forgot to post that, but yes, we got the apartment, and we'll be moving in as soon as I get there! Exciting!

    Megan: Ugh, that advice makes so much sense, and I'd heard it many times when I was vlogging, and fully agree, but it's just hard when one of the top things on my mind lately is how much I'm NOT blogging. So I guess the bottom line is I need to spend less time thinking about how I'm not, and more time just doing it. (TWSS)

  4. Also, Megan:

    David and his friend spelled it that way as a Spanish interpretation of the word. They like to mock people who don't know any English at all.