Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Month

Two weeks from today, at this very moment, I'll be nearing my hometown of Midland, Michigan. I will have left Columbus for good! It's strange, but starting to feel real.

Not having the internet isn't quite as bad as I expected, despite seriously missing out on Buffy mini marathons with my Shelly via Skype. It turns out when you don't have the world wide web to fall back on, you start to get little things done here and there.

Today I went through all of my CDs and the DVDs I hadn't shipped to Spain already. I threw away all of the cases and organized them neatly in a CD book. Little fissions of clutter have been emerging all over my room, and then slowly dissipating. I'm upping my roots and preparing for flight.

I miss my dear roommates madly. I didn't expect to ever have the opportunity to live completely on my own again, ever. It's not how I remember it. It's lonely. And my cat is not having any of this bullshit. He's needy on a level I've never seen before. Poor guy.

I'm sitting at a Starbucks sipping on an iced white chocolate mocha, waiting for David to call me on iChat. It'll be great to see him face to face again. And it's even greater than exactly one month from today I will be on my way to see him in person!


  1. Yes! I was just going to tell you to write. :). Without the internet/tv it's amazing what other things you can muster up the energy to get done, isn't it?? I'm sad you miss us (and we miss you, too!!!) but I think that because we're gone it will be really easy for you to peace out of that bitch. Right?? Poor Franklin!! I miss that buddy and his big head. I know that Doll misses him too - or - at least the running around part. She has been literally bounding up and down the hallway here with no one to chase her. I've had to run after her to play the part of Frankie but my head isn't as big so it's not the same. I can't believe you're onto your two weeks now. Get through this week and then the last one will be fine. It's the 2nd to last that killed me. I love and miss you. Write as often as you can so I can know everything you're doing all the time. p.s. Damn! Raina was so close!!

  2. Oh, Peter! I'm so incredibly excited for you! Life changes like that are so exciting/scary! All my best wishes. I remember in Paris you telling me all about how you fell in love with & in Barcelona. I'm so glad you're returning to your love!
    A million hugs and love