Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to Reality

Today was David's first day back to work. He's on his way home right now.

We both thought today would be rough, endless. Instead, David's reported that it's been a pretty decent day at the office. On my end, man did time fly!

I had all of these goals for the day. My To Do list went something like this:
  • Shower
  • Do dishes
  • Clean bathroom
  • Catch up on reading the blogs I follow
  • Catch up on my blog
  • Some hair removal (beach prep, as we still haven't been!)
  • Laundry
  • Organize wardrobe
I woke up with David at 6:30 am. He immediately called me out to the terrace to see the sun rise over Santa Coloma (as we live on the border of the city, we can see it across the river adjacent to us). It was a sight to behold.

I wasn't able to accomplish quite everything on my list. I did catch up on my blog reading, and I did manage to post at least one retrospective blog (found here). I even managed to epilate almost my entire left leg... David waxed the left one yesterday... this is Europe people, give me a break...

I did some organizing, as well. And the laundry's taken care of. But man... I'm going to need the whole week to take care of all the things I hoped to accomplish in one day! And the good news is, with all the busy work, I wasn't left missing David too terribly.

This little arrangement might just work.

Stay tuned throughout the week as I continue to post retroactively about my first week in Spain.

Also, meet Raúl. He's our new little friend that likes to appear on the terrace. I named him after a stuffed lizard my eight grade Spanish teacher had in her classroom. The first time I encountered him, I freaked out. But I'm getting used to him.


  1. Hehehe your "to do" list is funny. Very important, must wax legs. Baahaha. ;) And now you see the whole 'getting up early' thing isn't so crazy after all! Remember how shocked you were that I got up at 6 with Ev? And look at YOU. :) It's lame to sleep away a day of FREEDOM. Right! And the lizzard, really? You screamed at that little thing? I pictured this:

    So the video was underwhelming...hahhaahhah.

    I miss you!!

  2. Oh, my! That view is beautiful.
    Also, that lizard shooting up the brick wall makes me think of Dandi scaling the apartment wall in Paris. Remeber that? Spiderman roommate!

  3. Peter! me encanta tu nuevo amigo Raul! y qu amanecer tan bello...
    Hasta pronto! Un abrazo. Sonia