Friday, June 4, 2010

Things I'll Miss

I guess I had anticipated everything changing once I quit my job, and moved up to Michigan. I suppose in many ways things have, but my emotions stay constant. It's the same anxiety and excitement as always. It's ever evolving, and ever constant, but nothing very different, nothing new!

I would love to have a new blog entry every day for the remaining time I have left in this country, but the truth is that a day no longer has any meaning to me. It's all one long, stretchy blur. And as far as the emotions I'm feeling? Well, they can pretty much be summed up by: nervous-anxious-excited-overwhelmed-ecstatic-drunk and repeat!

I want defining moments! I want revelations! But honestly, I'm kind of relieved that the majority of what I feel at this stage is the ubiquitous "are we there yet?".

I relayed this dilemma to David earlier today. (Wow am I so happy to finally have so many Skype opportunities with David again, yet it's almost agonizing now that our impending reunion is so close.) He suggested I write a little about the things I'll miss about the good ol' USA/Michigan. And then later I can write about things I love in Spain; things that are completely foreign to me and that are entirely inclusive to my new home.

So here I go.

Oh how I'll miss this girl. Katie! I love you! You were the last freelancer to step into that hot seat, and by far made the most impact on me. Thanks for giving me that "home" feeling, especially after Megan and Evan had left. Our paths will cross again, I know it!

Can't mention Katie without mentioning the rest of the family. Lola has more spunk than your kitten could ever hope for! (Not pictured: Katie's adorable two sons).

These girls: something old and something new. Beth (on the right) hails from my alma mater. We've only maintained an "acquaintance" status since then, however I think it's understood that it's always been a notch up from that. And the same goes for Cece. We only started getting close towards the end of my time in Columbus, but it seems to me that there's more potential for making an impact on someone's life when your time together is limited. I will miss her, and again am convinced that our friendship is all but over!

My Parents! (My actual mother and my stepfather, whom collectively I refer to as "my parents" for an assortment of reasons). This is also kind of a two-for-one as the setting of the photo is German Village, the neighborhood of Columbus that I called home for the majority of the time I spent there, and that had more character than anyone could ask of a small Midwestern neighborhood. (Not that I'm placing my parents and a neighborhood in which I briefly resided in the same category or anything...)

Shannon and Dylan! More on them later!

This will probably be only the first of a series of these, but just like my career, it's all up in the air!


  1. oh my god. i remember that "are we there yet" feeling. but the good thing about growing up... is it's all sort of an "are we there yet" feeling. never stop learning. never stop changing. i know you're in a hurry to physically get there, but never be ready to "be there". does that make sense?

  2. Katy... um... does it make sense? Haha. For the most part! But are you telling me NOT to be ready to be there? Cuz I am! Life made so much more sense when we were together, and I guess that's all I'm looking forward to! That sense of clarity!

  3. Awwwww- love you too Peter! I, and Lola, and the boys miss you too! (IT took your computer away today and I died a little bit inside :-(
    -Anonymous katie

  4. Katy is right - we are never really "there" because it's just a big long ass journey!! Even when you get to spain and see David, it's just one step in the many steps of your journey. Enjoy being in Michigan, too!! We watched a TON of old videos last night - random clips that were hiding in photo folders on the hard drive. We were crying laughing and in a way it was a good re-living of our past few years in Columbus. Came across so many great ones of you with us, and the kittens. I should start sticking them up on youtube.