Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ready Ready Set Go!

Well! It's here! I never thought this day would come! Everything is set, and this is the last thing I'm going to do before leaving!

I'm going to stop at my sister's house to say goodbye to my niece and nephew, and then stop and see my sister at her work. In a few hours I'll be on a plane, and will probably let out a huge sigh of relief just for being done with all of the goodbyes! I'm sick of them!

I wanted to document more of my last few days in the United States, but I've been so busy. I hope after I get settled into my new home, and after David and I finally stop staring at/touching each other in disbelief, I'll have time to recap a little on these events. I really don't want to forget them! But just incase, let me just leave you with a few "goodbye" photos from my last days in the good ol' USA.

Gabby! No send-off's complete without your bestie! Here we are enjoying some American Beer and America's favourite pastime at my first Great Lakes Loons game.

I will miss Christine, too! She's saved my life so many times. I hope she can learn to get her butt on Facebook more often so we can keep in touch!

The parents of another bestie. These are Tess' parents and they have been so kind to me over the past decade. I'll really miss them, too! I can't wait until my eventual wedding ceremony when all of these friends and more will finally surround me again!

Wish me luck!


  1. Peter, I am truly happy that this day finally came for you. I know it's been a rough year but I hope that you can look back on it as a time when you and David learned how important you are to one another. I am going to miss you to death and I can't wait until I see you on your side of the pond!

  2. It's so crazy when a moment comes that has been thought of and anticipated for so SO LONG. It's both "finally" and "really??". I am so excited for you and for your new adventures. And to finally be with someone who loves you more than anyone else in the world. Pretty amazing. If you miss speaking English, which you will, I'm only a Skype chat away!!

  3. oh my god! and you're probably already at the airport! (as of the time i post this comment) It's finally here! just like I said yesterday, for the longest time it seemed so far away... i'm so happy for you babes! Have a great flight and hopefully I'll see you soon! <3