Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Living in Spain permanently has been pretty much a dream of mine since my stint here in summer of 2007. As you can tell from previous posts, I was ecstatic to make the move. But there were parts of me that were a bit scared about relocating indefinitely to another country. Most of those fears stemmed from the large, more important issues, e.g., the language, the unemployment, the money, etc., but there was a share of more... petty issues I had with the plan, one of those being: my iPhone.

...a chorus of Angels sing...

We've been through alot, together. My first iPhone was accidentally run over by a friend, forcing me to revert back to my horrid old cell phone until I could afford to replace it. I was very leery about having to downgrade once again, but it would be a necessity due to money and well... pretty much just money.

Then I came up with a genius idea. I could find out how to jailbreak my phone, unlock it, and then I could slip in a prepaid sim card. Sure, I wouldn't have the internet, instant messages, GPS, and any other form of 3G goodness on the go, but at least I wouldn't be damning my baby to the status of glorified iPod Touch!

The jailbreaking process gave me a few headaches at first. There were many times in which, for various reasons, I didn't think I'd be able to complete the process. There were even some times in which I thought I'd ruined my iPhone for good. In the end, I was successful, yet still not at all prepared for what David would do next.

I now have a Spanish iPhone data plan! Can we cue those singing Angels again? I now have several iPhone-related ultimatums from David on daily basis, but it's worth it!

Embracing my newly tech-savvy abilities, I decided to go ahead and see if I could upgrade to the new operating system, which would require re-jailbreaking and unlocking. Psh! Child's play!

But that wasn't enough, oh no. The upgrade for the iPhone 3G doesn't support some of the best new features, e.g., multitasking! Well, I just worked around it!

It may not be an iPhone 4, but it feels pretty damn close to a brand new phone.

OK, I realize that in contrast to my recent posts, this might seem a little dull and insignificant, but what was I going to write about today? Organizing the wardrobe?

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  1. Thank you for linking to Allie's grammar post. I almost called you out on that :-)